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Life is too damn short

On Monday I lost a friend.

Not figuratively. Literally. A dear friend passed away after battling leukaemia for the past three years. She was 27. Newly married. 

And I know this is complete cliche, but life is too short. 

Too short to live a life governed by fear.

Too short to be so stuck in a rut that you call a comfort zone.

Tonight, I was telling a friend just that and I got told that life is not that simple. She went off at me about how just because she’s unhappy at work doesn’t mean she can chuck it in and yes, life is short but money is important. And I got angry but then I realised she was angry at herself. Which is easier than making a change because change is hard. 

And it is. Change is hard. 

But if you never change, you never grow. 

And life is too short.