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The internet stole my brain

Electronic clutter takes up more space in my life than anything else sometimes. It’s ridiculous really, especially considering that all those bits and bytes are, essentially, tiny. And yet, all my bookmarks and feeds and emails crowd my mind and leave me little space for thoughts and debates and discussions.

I grew up without the internet, without ready access to everything. No, I lie. I had access to all the information I wanted at the library or in the set of encyclopaedias that lived in our study bookshelf. I remember when my brother – hardly the world’s biggest reader – would take one of the massive encyclopaedia volumes to bed to figure something out. I remember school projects that actually taught me something about research. (Sidenote: I also remember the first colour printer I ever tried. I carried around that printed rose for DAYS.)

So I had access but not like today. Today, we can access everything anywhere at the click of a mouse. Any recipe I want. Any story I want. But in the rush to access ALL the things NOW, I’m scared I’m going to miss something. So I bookmark and move on, or subscribe to the feed, thinking that one day, I’ll need that and I won’t be able to find it again. As a result, I have so much to get through, so much crowding my mind that I can’t focus or take any of it in.

People. I have over 400 books on my Goodreads ‘To be read’ list. 400. When the heck am I ever going to get through that? Let’s say I read a book a week, so I get through 52 books a year. That’s almost eight years to get through this list if I don’t add another book to it. And we all know that’s impossible. I really need to win the lottery so my full-time job can be working my way through this damn list.

I have no solution except that I think I need to wean myself off the internets. I’m not sure how possible this will be but I have to start somewhere. Tomorrow though. Today I have too many sites to catch up on.



Writer, editor, wife, mother. I snatch moments to myself to read between nappy changes, work and chasing a toddler who is determined to destroy ALL THE THINGS. Welcome.

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