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A brand new school year

Today was my first day of school. My first day of being back at my alma mater, Melbourne University, as a postgraduate student. I was a bit nervous that I’d be an old fogie in the course, especially since everyone I met last week at the orientation was really young. I consoled myself with the thoughts that everyone I met was studying full-time and therefore not taking the evening classes and surely everyone in the evening class would be older? And yes, I was right, they were.

There are some cool people in the course class. I say class and not course because not everyone is doing the Masters. In fact, the range of experience and interest is really varied. Tonight’s class was Structural Editing and it’s a compulsory subject for my course and, I assume, some of the others too. There were people there wanting to change careers and doing Postgrad diplomas, like Georgia, the lawyer at my table. There were other people there doing the course for some reason that wasn’t entirely clear to me, like Ben, who left early and I’m not sure will be back. And there were still others who professed a love of editing but I’m not sure they’re not insane 😛

Our tutor seemed … inexperienced, no, unprepared. The class notes and slides have been prepared by the course coordinator and it seemed as if our tutor hadn’t actually looked at them before the class. She read the class notes to us verbatim and barely used the slides, which made it hard to take notes. That said, I don’t see the point in taking notes when I can print the notes off from the website. In future, I’ll print them off before class and be able to follow instead of trying to take useless semi-notes from someone reading to us. Although I am hoping that she won’t read to us for 2 hours straight every week. There’s tons of work to get done and I can see my weekends flying out the door with assignments and exercises and readings (although I don’t remember doing all the readings when I was in undergrad so I’m not sure I’ll end up doing them this time but who knows?) and my brain is tired but it’s good.

I suppose that the one problem with taking night classes when everyone works full time is that it’s more challenging to connect with your fellow students. There are some really interesting people in the class, I think, and it would be good to get to know them. Like Dave, who’s been working entirely in stats and with numbers and is switching gears to work with language and words. And Gabe, who seems just cool and that girl you just want to hang around with. There’s a girl who’s written the beginnings of a Mills and Boon book and is embarrassed about it but I reckon it’s great – it’s hard work to write those but damn, they pay well!

So yeah, after a no-good, terrible day at work today, I got some brain strain, met some interesting people and came home to an empty apartment (The Boy is away for work) but filled with cute notes from my Boy that made me literally LOL. I at too many Jelly Belly jelly beans thanks to Costco and its 1.8 kg jar of them, and I’m going to go to bed and dream about assignments and readings but in a good way if that’s possible.



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