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Going places

Today’s #postaday prompt is about planes, trains, and automobiles or, how you like to get around. I was tempted to post about that but honestly, my mind is all over the place and writing no superficial stuff is not happening.

My writing and focus has gone out the window this week. I find Mondays very tough when it comes to writing, which is going to be interesting come next week when I’m at uni and having to go straight from work to class every Monday and Tuesday. I’m going to have to figure out options to keep myself focused and keep my mind from wandering.

On the way to work this morning, I was listening to a very interesting podcast from WNYC Radiolab. It was a rebroadcast from sometime during the year with the theme Detective Stories and one of the stories involved a guy finding letters on the side of the highway. The letter were all addressed to the same person – Ella Chase – and were from the 1950s and earlier. The guy was a writing professor and started using the letters in his classroom as stimulus for students to research and write historical fiction and create a character from the material they had. When someone went and actually researched this woman, they found her real life story – filled with divorce and heartache – but the guy didn’t want to know. He preferred to create different lives for her every semester in his writing class. To keep the mystery going.

I like the idea of taking bits of someone’s life and creating a story, a character, another life altogether from the fragments. You could take someone who’s never left their small town and make them into a world traveller, or vice versa. It’s almost an advantage if you don’t know much about them at all. One of the projects I’d like to put on my list this year (because my plate is not overloaded AT ALL :P) is to go to the State Library of Victoria and find some original correspondence from the past, grab some details and run with them. Create a backstory filled with history and characters and experiences based on fragments of information. Let my mind wander into history and have fun with it.

I wonder what story someone would tell if they had fragments of my life. Would I end up travelling the world or marrying young? Would I end up a lonely spinster or enjoy a life of singledom while solving mysteries of the historical realm? Could you ever reimagine your own life properly or do you inherently know too much about yourself that you’d still end up creating the same life you already live?

I wonder if I could write a story of my life when I’m 50 and make it happen. In some way, write a reverse memoir, write the story before it happened from the perspective of me in the future. I’d make myself go places and have adventures, but also get through the tough times I imagine everyone has. Writing a life story that’s gone entirely to plan makes for very dull reading I think.

A bit of a ramble this morning but my mind is back and focused and whirring away. That makes me happy.



Writer, editor, wife, mother. I snatch moments to myself to read between nappy changes, work and chasing a toddler who is determined to destroy ALL THE THINGS. Welcome.

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